Welcome to the design area of my website. Here is where I will display my archived work in logo and print design. I have about 3+ years of freelance design experience. I am currently in search of freelance design work. If you would like to see some more of my work or contact me, please feel free to get in touch.

Logotype Portfolio

‘Eligea Logo’ , Client: Eligea LLC

‘Pow Wow Logo’, Client: The End is Nightly

‘Heirloom Productions Logo’, ‘Client: Heirloom Productions’

‘On/Off Productions Logo’, Client: On/Off Productions

‘IRIS Logo’ , Client: Eligea LLC

‘The End Is NIGHtly Logo’, Client: The End is Nightly

‘House Party Logo’, Client: House Party

Print Design Portfolio

‘Sorted Hashtag QR Days’, Client: DJ Paco

‘House Party October’, Client: House Party

‘Pow Wow May, Client: The End Is Nightly

‘House Party September’, Client: House Party

‘Dance Like its Pow Wow’, Client: The End Is Nightly

‘Bmore Moon Man’, Client: DLake

‘House Party Beer’, Client: House Party

‘The Kids Want Oscillate’, Client: Oscillate

‘Seattle Hoods Tee’ , Client: Seattle.net

Seattle Hoods Tee’, Client: Seattle.net

‘Sunshine Generation Album Cover’, Client: Sunshine Generation

More Graphic and Type design at my Tumblr project: TEXT HAUNTING